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Sheep Skin Raffle

Sheep Skin Raffle


Last summer we lost about 1/3 of our flock to predators.
Mainly wolves, but we believe coyotes, Lynx, cougars, and even bears also contributed to this.
Although our amazing guardian dog Rylee does the best she can, she is only one dog and it’s simply too much space, with too many predators for her to keep up with on her own.
Our hope is to install a new electric fencing system to enable a management intensive, rotational grazing program for the 2024 season.
This will not only help deter predators in order to preserve and build our flock, but will also help build up and improve our soil and pasture, improve hay production, and extend our grazing season. All good things as we head into what is predicted to be a drought year.

To raise funds we are offering the following specials on sheep related products:

1) 2024 lamb deposit.
From now till May first, place a deposit on a whole or half lamb for the summer or fall, and receive 25% off at pickup.

2) Whole lamb flat rate pre purchase $450
We are super excited to be able to offer this special again. Last year we were able to deliver some great deals to people who ordered those.

3) Sheepskin Raffle.
We are raffling off a naturally tanned sheepskin (valued around $350)


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