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We make quarterly delivery trips to Vancouver and Victoria

Get pasture-raised meat delivered to you! We offer whole half and quarter animal sales, individual cuts, as well as our 

All Prices include delivery to Vancouver/Victoria, send us a message for current availability and to place your order. 

  • Whole chicken $8.50/lb (4-5 lb average)

  • Broth $12.50/litre 

  • Ground $11/lb or 5lb for $50

  • Stew  $11/lb

  • Garlic sausage $16/lb

  • Fresh sausage $16/lb

  • Bones $4/lb

  • Inquire about bulk orders (whole, half, quarter)

  • Various sizes available $8.50/lb 

  • for early bird orders with $25 deposit before June 1st $7.50/lb  

  • for meat box subscription holders $7.50/lb 

  • Whole Lamb, cut and wrapped $15/lb

  • Half Lamb, cut and wrapped $15.50/lb

  • Quarter Lamb $16/lb

  • Ground $10/lb

  • Bacon $15/lb

  • Ham$14/lb

  • Breakfast sausage $15/lb

  • Roast

  • Tenderloin

  • Chops $11/lb

  • Ribs $11/lb

  • Broth $14/litre

  • Half pig $8/lb

  • Quarter pig $9/lb

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